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It is very important to realise that alcoholism is a complex disease, but that it can be cured. With the most modern techniques 75 out a 100 alcoholics are still dry three years after being rehabilitated (detail). However, the road to freedom from the effects of alcohol is not an easy one. Many people underestimate


the grip alcohol can have on them,


the perseverance necessary to free yourself from it,


the physical destruction it wreaks on the body,


the difficulty of balanced thinking with an impaired body and therefore mind as well, and


the difficulty of facing the real world again as a rehabilitated alcoholic.

We provide you with:

  1. The success stories of people that has travelled this route before you.

  2. The enormous source of motivation available to Christians.

  3. The opportunity to get support and motivation by contacting us.  


Last updated on 06 January 2004

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