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This site is currently funded, operated and maintained by a single person that is surrounded by a growing number of people who provide their expertise. 

Greater capacity is required in the following areas:

Counselling of alcoholics or their next of kin.

Life support for dry alcoholics

Support with the website.

Financial or professional support.

Counselling. This implies working with alcoholics or their next of kin. You are willing to help within the following options:


Option One: E-mail Counselling. You help people via e-mail that are referred to you after they have requested support from the web site. In this case you can stay completely anonymous and your workload can be paced. Ideally your workload is substantially reduced by using the material on this site or material that has been created by other people like you. The issue is to deliver a better and better service with less and less development effort as times goes by.


Option Two: Physical Counselling. The vision is that we have a point of presence in every South African town. In this option your name is provided to an alcoholic that has requested for interaction with a physical person in stead of e-mail counselling. Your permission will be asked before your name is provided to the client.


Option Three: Listing in our database. In this case your contact details are listed in a database that is accessible on the web site. This option is ideal for individuals or institutions that do counselling professionally. In this case we have no control over who makes contact with you.  

Life support for dry alcoholics

This entails helping dry alcoholics to restart economical activity in order to become self-sufficient. 

Support with the website

It is envisioned that the number of people being served by this site may reach such proportions that it will have to be operated and maintained by a team. The following roles exist:


Role One: Referral. The task of this person is to react to e-mail requests and link clients with e-mail counsellors. 


Role Two: Material Compiler/Researcher. This entails the collection of material that is frequently provided by the e-mail counsellors and the repackaging of that in order to create generic information that can be used on the web site or by the e-counsellors.


Role Three: Webmaster. Maintaining the website and scouting the internet for applicable stuff.

Financial or Professional Support

Donations or paying advertisements will be appreciated. 

In some cases professional services like legal opinions may be necessary and your expertise will be appreciated.

Please contact us. 

Last update: April 18, 2007

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