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One of the methods of getting an alcoholic dry is to use chemical implants. Disulphiram is the active ingredient in medicines that make the use of alcohol very unpleasant. 

When alcohol is broken down in the body a poison, acetaldehyde, is released in manageable quantities that are then further broken down.  However when a chemical patch/implant is used the breaking down of the acetaldehyde is retarded. This leads to a quick escalation of the poison in the body with very unpleasant effects on the drinker. These unpleasant effects are supposed to prevent the drinker from using alcohol. Besides severe physical effects, one of the psychological effects is a general feeling of fear. This leaves the person feeling insecure and having a lack of perseverance.

Implants on its own is never a way of treating an alcoholic. It must be combined with consultation and support.  


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