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Alcoholism information and virtual support  

We provide support to those people being influenced by alcohol abuse.  At this stage the intention is to provide information and web based support only. Detail of the vision.

bulletAssessment. Is somebody an alcoholic?
bulletI want help. Accessing our support to alcoholics or their families.
bulletThe road to health (treatment, support and success stories). 
bulletThe people dimension of alcohol abuse (partner, children, employer, parents). Advice and their rights.
bulletInformation on the disease (FAQ, what it is, statistics, web links).
bulletI want to help. Offering your services to alcoholics or their families.

3 Pieces of Critical Knowledge

Alcoholism is ...

CHRONIC. It can last a lifetime without help and treatment.

PROGRESSIVE. It will not get better with time and it will not go away. It gets progressively worse. 

INCURABLE. A patient recovered from alcoholism can never go back to "normal" drinking.

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